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With all of the assets you have insured, are you protecting one of your largest and most vulnerable ones – your Accounts Receivable?
Most companies don’t even realize that there is an insurance product that protects your receivables in the event that your customer is low to pay or can’t pay at all. It’s called Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) and TMTA is pleased to be partnered with Euler Hermes, the leading global TCI carrier, to offer our members a multi-purposed business tool that can help member businesses grow safely and aggressively.


Euler Hermes evaluates your key buyers to determine their creditworthiness and continually monitors them to alert you before a problem arises.

With insured receivables, your company won’t have to hold a large bad debt reserve.

And banks consider insured receivables as secured collateral that you can borrow against, and since the assets are secured with Euler Hermes, you may benefit from more favorable rates.

TCI allows exporters to offer safe, open terms overseas, which can give you a huge leg up on your competition in foreign markets.

Euler Hermes offers the stability of a 120-year old company that is rated AA- with S&P and covers $1 trillion in sales for companies across the globe along with the accessibility and service of a local business with an office located in Detroit.

TMTA Contacts


Jay Poplawski

Call: 248-355-1414, ext. 158

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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